About Tashina

Hello, I'm Tashina!  Thank you for stopping by. I am a passionate photographer with a specialty in enhancing peoples natural beauty. I am located in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

I established my business here in 2011. I have a eye for picture perfect scenes and I am dedicated and devoted to creating milestone memories with you! From everyday lifestyles to the butterflies in your stomach on your wedding day to you anxiously awaiting for your baby to be brought in for the first time from the nursery.  I would be honored to cover it all!

While I do love to travel and explore the world, I currently reside in the Dallas Fort Worth area.  I am a devoted mother of two beautiful children. I love, love, love electronics, fine dining, art, photography, videography and the opportunity to work with each of my clients!   " My client's are of the up most importance, I am inspired more and more each time!"  " I am fortunate to work with some of the best clients. My true joy comes from the meaning and joyful memories behind each photo I capture, while with them. I hope to share that same feeling  with you!" 


xoxo- Tashina



Bachelors degree from The University of Texas at Arlington.

Thank you for visiting!  I look forward to working with you!